Petit Trianon Armchair

The Petit Trianon armchair is a perfect addition to any style of interior and can go in any room of the house. It is small yet very comfortable.

Petit Trianon armchair
Petit Trianon armchair
Petit Trianon armchair

Size & Price


Price: £1,430.00 + fabric

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Fabric options

Mystic Royal - £20.00 per metre
Tailor Earth - £40.00 per metre
Amatheon Marmalade - £35.00 per metre
Amatheon Wolf - £35.00 per metre
Amatheon Armour - £35.00 per metre
Amatheon Pimpernel - £35.00 per metre
Charbon - £95.00 per metre
Safran - £95.00 per metre
Paris - £35.00 per metre
Ist act - £45.00 per metre
Tailor Wolf - £40.00 per metre
Beige Stone - £45.00 per metre

Wood options

Wood - Grey
Wood - Mahogany
Wood - Wenge

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