Impromptu Sofa-bed

The Impromptu was designed as an extra bed for a study room or a child’s bedroom. It is compact and cosy as a small sofa and a perfect single bed.

Impromptu front view
Impromptu side view

Size & Price


Price: £950 + fabric

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Fabric options

Mystic Royal - £20.00 per metre
Tailor Earth - £40.00 per metre
Amatheon Marmalade - £35.00 per metre
Amatheon Wolf - £35.00 per metre
Amatheon Armour - £35.00 per metre
Amatheon Pimpernel - £35.00 per metre
Charbon - £95.00 per metre
Safran - £95.00 per metre
Paris - £35.00 per metre
Ist act - £45.00 per metre
Tailor Wolf - £40.00 per metre
Beige Stone - £45.00 per metre

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